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Your trauma is costing you $1 Million... 
(well technically it's $1,290,555.83 but who's counting?)

Actually, I am... and I'm gonna help you get it back!
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Trauma and Money:

How Trauma is Keeping You Stuck in Scarcity Mode and How to Get Your Money Back.


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Hey-  I'm Arci Grey 

and trauma was ruining my life...

The effects of childhood sexual abuse led to  a life long struggle to make ends meet. I was living one crisis to the next, until 2 days before my 37th birthday when I was revictimized. I was kidnapped, held captive for 4 days, tortured and raped. Ultimately, I survived attempted murder.  But my life as I knew it was over.  

As a result I lost my job, my friends, my home, and I lost hope. I had spent most of my life working twice as hard and only getting half as far as my peers, but this seemed like an impossible hill to climb. 


It's true that trauma will cost you nearly 1.3 Million dollars over the course of your lifetime. Honestly, when I learned this, it pissed me off a little bit, but it also made so much sense. I finally understood why I was always broke and broken.  

73% of survivors experience financial insecurity as a direct result of their trauma, and it may be the real reason you aren't healing!


It was for me. I had spent most of my life living in scarcity mode, trying to keep my head above water, and it was making it impossible to heal. 

Once I understood where the money was going, I had power to take it back, and regain control of my life. In 10 months I changed my whole life and regained control of my financial future. 

I want to help you find a way out too!

That's why I created this workshop.  I want you to understand where every dollar is going, and give you the exact blueprint to get your money back, and reclaim control of your financial and emotional well-being!

~Arci Grey

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